Linear Track

You should turn on your headlights and come drive ’round here

Get here fast, then cruise real slow

For this pavement may not be ready yet for such a soulful soul

Such intention and growl, bold and sweet, has long been absent from this street

May spinning wheels find linear track

Have a song playing loud in your heart, so the whole neighborhood knows

Your intentions

Whatever they may be

I’ve no wants or words of wisdom there, and you’ll do what you want, anyway

As you should, but I will say

You should turn on your headlights and come drive ’round here


The usefulness of tears
Like goodtime words
During midnight promises
Overrated, I promise

Necessary, nonetheless
When human tendency
Atom energy
And Universe certainty


The Way Of It

With the compressed exuberance of a schoolroom full of children penned
Spilled then to the play yard uncontained 
There bravely apart will always stand
The One boy

On the outside looking in 
With a sing-song strong voice no one will hear
Quick to smile eyes that yet catch no gaze 
An uncommon courage the only company, she stands back, knowing her place