Looking up from the down
My eyes
Having been temporarily imprisoned
I matter-of-factly acknowledged The Light
It had been there all the while
And I knew It

(Sunrise Over Lake Michigan, Milwaukee)

Steady Go

We’re supposed to be calm through all this
Act unaffected
Not try to reverse-spin the Earth on its axis
In an attempt to double-see the bizarre we saw
To test it against the age-old version of gravity
And ask the person standing next to us
Did we see what we just saw?
Memorialize. What. We. Just. Saw.
For posterity
Meanwhile, let the shadows call us crazy
Don’t ask them about truth


I watched
You watch
The fleeting snow
Before it took its leave
You put down your go

What did it tell you
What it told me
That bruises aren’t all bad
That time heals
All things

We saw
The three of us
You, me and the sky
The blue-green in our eyes’ skies
Not one can predict us

Looking Back

It was a three year-old’s eyes through which I first saw you. I noticed myself as we two looked back. Why was I, I’d wondered, the only one asking why. Then I saw you, dancing with the what, not caring for the why. You were, weren’t you. You, seeing me struggle with what words, spoke to me the only way you could. Silently. I’ve grown old and ill from asking why, I know. They say we can be healed, that the truth sets us free. What truth can you tell to a three year-old child that she already doesn’t see.

The Consequences of Smiling

The Consequences of Smiling
by Lisa

You’ll always look four and twelve
Eighty even, but not forty at all
Kids will look at you funny for a minute
Then run to you
They’ll want to stay
Real adults won’t take you seriously
So beware

The eyes begin to go
Wrinkles at the corners
Nearsightedness -the good kind of myopia
You’ll see the treasure too
The up-close
The forest for the trees
Your own awe-struck stare at dawn

Your face will stay that way
Muscle memory (Mom was right)
You’ll be the light
In someone’s lousy day
On your own hard days
You’ll see your smile too
Its asymmetry…its perseverance

Smiles are feathers
Warmth for mind, body and soul
Insulation from frowns
Lift for the wings
Yours and theirs
Rainbow-colored plumage for this place
Smiles, like feathers that tickle

Corona Effect

My eyes would soften
When you come around
They could not help themselves

I cannot now know
But I do imagine
You’d cause me a peace I’ve not known

A secret elation brought on
As when light bursts surround
The silhouetted profile someone we love


Isn’t it enough to send you
The notion
The gall
The balls of it all

What white coat ought you report to 
‘Twas witchcraft
‘Twas lies
‘Twas dust in your eyes

All the hell you put yourself through
To know life
To thrive
To More Than Survive