Some Day

“December,” someday, you’ll hear me say, “you’re small. Someday you’ll not dwell here, at all.”

“Flameless light, unconvincing tinsel — your legacy-less, grey-sky stare no longer rejects me.”

Expect me, someday, December, to say, “Gaze you, into some placid pool, reflecting — see now what I see when I see you.”

Icy heart, frozen love, ticking clock — your time winds down…down…down

Three, Two, One…you found out I found you out….

See yourself out

“I’m as May, you’re September, December.”


On the way to midnight
Honestly aren't you tired

The hair on her
The mess on him
The should have knowns and unknowns
The old film reels replay

All the while they don't care
They smile
One dimensional grins
As your epic fizzles
And fades to black

Fated Fade

All that you asked
Was that I be different
Than the one
I always was

You are no different
Than the one
Who came before you
Who asked me to be different 

Invisible now
Is that different enough
What more will you ask
Of the fade


That song where he whispers to start
This time there’s more than guitar for me to find

In the middle he pleads from his heart
As I memorize each slow-dance step

Finally he lets the drum lead to fade
To my whisper a screamed we’re alone