I See

This morning, it seems, these eyes sting of defeat

“Look harder,” the stormy air asks
“See clearly the calm, the victory now, here for the weary faithful.”

It was passive perhaps, to remain on the mat
Yet, that was The Way, way back then

Voracity and patience, be purposeful now
That the challenge of hope, the determined eyes
Shall be the reward, the brass ring

Just pick up your mat
Just see


Do we know what we commit when we pray?
I’m uncertain

Questions, I know I need
After asking for comfort from the One who commands the stars and could right-well hand them to me
Am I earnest enough?
Am I faith-filled?

Is this ignorance or freedom?
What says my soul?

The Rest

There is no sleep due you, no matter the hour -and the work you’ve put in lies in escrow- so, should you decide to denounce the dark, come to the table and smile, you will find what’s waited there for you throughout the time you spent wasting your allegiance to some greyish space you’d grasped while grieving another’s hopelessness projected onto Your skin: renounce your faith in That, now.


I remembered I went and read to her
Her Cinderella stories that ruined my mind
But made hers fly

I believed 
My presence, my words, my faith
Held power

I was taught to believe,
And I damn well believed
Their poison would bring her back

She’d remember 
Wake up
And fly back to me

A whisper to me in the mid of Night
Made my feet fly

I believed
I knew that this faith 
Held power

Out the door
To his side
To tell of The story

How we need not fear
He’ll wake up
He’ll fly back to us

In each moment
It is said 
Possibility lives, breathes and flies

I must play The Realist 
And tell the Story
That holds power

You can’t claim
A single truth
Unless you first Believe

To you then, license inures 
Hope wakes up
And flies back to you


Were I wearing my worldly cloak
I’d doubt
His eyes toward her
Her defense to accept
I’d doubt 
He’d decide just then
She was worth fighting for
But it’s faith that enshrouds me
For I’ve seen their haven
I know their hope
Wherefore I lift open the predawn window
Fling out to the chorus of feathers 
What doubt