The sliver of time before I became tragic
Was it a wicked serpent’s word
Some desired autonomy
This devotion to husband and child?

Think with me honestly
What of heart’s protracted pain
Is my sweet apple affinity
My downfall?

The Lengthening

What puts me on edge about Spring is it makes no promises and refuses all requests.

Without notice, it could choose the craze of a Summer heat.

The best case scenario -such bravery in risking my lust.

Or on a dime, it delivers a confused dose of wintry wrath.

Snow that won’t live to see the weekend, so why-for dear Spring?

But woe be to me should Spring choose a most deviant trickery:

And leave me longing in only the long shadows of a forever Fall.

The Drop

The drop

Atop the chim-chimney, in evening’s early hours

Slow, slowly down rock, round midnight

Absorbed then disbursed by the skin of the roof before dawn

Why, oh why, can gutters steal you by sunrise

The fall


my voice evidenced
the most beautiful of white billowing
powered beyond the universe
since you decided never
now i sing of raindrops
silent, steady-falling



I don't know a bigger prize
Awaits behind the scenes
As I clutch and hold fast to
Blessings you've 'fore bestowed
But you have asked
That I let go and trod holiest trails
The hour seem near
I will not fight
Walk with me down this road

From His Lips

I roar, whilst in David’s clothing
An Amazon, though oh-so-small
Ought, by the world’s measure, back down
But no
I take aim
You play the unwinable game
The ground, you roam
The fall, your home
The dirt your resting place