Certain of November

Oh dearest Mom
I miss your girl
…her profile, her heart
Where you and Dad planted
Seeds of love
…and good-enough

Oh belov’d Sister
I lost your Sister
…ask me again, please again
To teach you, to lead you
Steps of strength
…and laughter contagious

Oh cold November
I won’t let you leave
…you’re here, you’ll stay
’til my Maker’s had His way
A wonderful way
…and I’m lame no more


You’re not the tea type, to me. Ancient you aren’t.

You think you are. But I think you’re raspberry hot chocolate.

Take this endless cup. With my reckless invitation.

Delve. Repair into the wild, earthen past and the rich insanity ahead.

We, hot chocolates in hand, casting our cares. Setting a spell.


Were I wearing my worldly cloak
I’d doubt
His eyes toward her
Her defense to accept
I’d doubt 
He’d decide just then
She was worth fighting for
But it’s faith that enshrouds me
For I’ve seen their haven
I know their hope
Wherefore I lift open the predawn window
Fling out to the chorus of feathers 
What doubt

Corona Blue

Will you come back
Call my name one last time
With that Aegean smile in your voice
Comfort me with your bewilderment
Remind me I’m smart
Let me sneak into your shoes
And pour myself onto you
Will you come back 

Honey, Come Home

The attempt to describe what must only be felt will, at best, leave one longing for proof

It’s the warm, vintage light and the welcome white noise -eager footsteps not shuffling to greet you

There’s the “thank-you-God” eyes and the rules about kisses that apply to goodbyes and hellos

The dinner hour near, it is time to give chase to the table, for the smell of the sauce does compel 

Do you picture the taste, do you sense the good love, do you dare touch the gifts from above

I left the light on, my account is not wrong, but again, you must feel for yourself

Fireflies’ Lives

In the tiniest of places
I know where to find
The silly at heart
So lovely, so kind

Throughout the day
The feeding of souls
In a lemon-yellow room
They do dine and reach goals

A breezy tree fort
Where they learn their true names
During made-up mysteries
While good fun stakes its claim

In a south-facing cove
At the end of the day
See them nurture the Earth
Helping love find its way