Hot Monochrome

She is streamers
She is stars
She is the red that sustains Mars
Bars don’t exist
On her heart

She is steadfast
She is dangling
She is silver-Mediterranean
Alien and best friend

She is words
She is breath
She is life seducing death
Express your intent
So to stay

She is present
She is feathers
She is coppery hot weather
Whether you like that
Or not

Lift Off

Become again the albatross
Wings spread, but grounded

Some will stand, stunned
Warmed and smiling
‘Neath the light reflecting
Safely from your feathers

Others will stare, studying
Threatened and deciding
Comfort zones, they
Too far from your glory

Such allegorical drag!
Let it be your lift

I Have Feathers

Will you grasp my shoulder with one hand
And I’ll grasp yours
Watch me watching you tell me your visions 
And the Sun is at our backs 

Will you give me a photograph of that
And my thumb on your cheekbone 
Watch me draw you near to me
And kiss you like a brother 

Will you leave your fingerprints against me when you leave
And I may let you
Watch the edge of my skirt billow and float
And we will be dutiful

Will we behave and watch and….