Helping Her Go (6)

“You made it this far
Wonder, man…wandering now
Stop. Push her beyond”

Always these words
Never these feet
Victor’s conscience never bothered him, though
You came here to help her
You came here to fall
For Her
Did you not?
Let’s learn if between the two of you
There is enough grit to start
To fuel an industry

“It IS my business,” Cressida thought
And it bothered her so

Steel & Glass

Hold fast to speed
With horse-powered heart of cold, hard steel
That feeds the oats my hand cannot

Fall sleeping, glassy-eyed
A plasma world upon a wall I cannot penetrate
That feeds fairytales, as my feet live actually

True Love

Itching, constant itching…and seltzer in my veins.

Given to despair and doom…giving back all gains.

This is how I feel from you…my inglorious lot.

None fiction be more dark than this…none epic, evil plot.

My Fiction

You fashioned this mountain.
You daredevil.
You shapeshifter.
You inspected, intended. 
You daydreamer, you.
Each pebble.
Each fossil.
Each Boulder.
Each vein of pure gold.
Each step to lift each.
Pray, now what?
Pray, tell it.
Pray, storied or droll?
Pray, how is your view?
Pray, what will you pray?