Moment Lovers

Step one, get weird with it. This belongs to you all, after all.

Step two, present yourselves all ways, every day, at the same time.

Step five, step five?! Yes, step five — there’s nothing linear or logical of this.

Step five, show the canvas of man what these years of kinship mean.

Step six, dip your brush in cool, cool water, then choose the color violet. Or orchid, because you are bold, or you want to be.

Step three, make a space in advance, or in the moment, or not at all. The whole Earth was prepared for you.

Step four, never end before you’ve finished, or for forever, whichever comes first. Last.

Step seven, relay your love for The All of them. Take responsibility and fight again tomorrow with the sunrise.


Now feels slow.

And what say you?

Will you be letting me walk right up and peer inside the expanse of your wide windows, all at a snail’s pace to learn?

Are you actually relaxing in there?

I drive reckless at times. 

But straight enough to read your billboards on the road. They scream to me Talk Me Down, Category 5, Whirlwind At Work. 

How many feathers need I blow?  

And in what direction? 

May I help calm your soul, pull you safely inside where, at the very least, you can put back on the gloves?