Fireworks, Baby

Count yourself among the many
Who do not care to consider my midnight musings of any value
To know my heart-wrenching pleas for your return
Sent unrequited out

But what you need know
My last diary entry was a mid-summer date
Immediately before the fireworks, but after my hope expired
Your birthday, baby


Oh, there is the great likelihood fun would become us!

We’d get along famously and fall into friendship, the depths of which….

Do you fear we’d find fault, and in a flash, some short fuse blows?

I don’t….

I figure we’d flirt with life, day in, day out, as Fourth of July fireworks.

A Grand Finale ad infinitum….

The fact of us, fostering the good fortune of our hearts feeling again.

It’s been forever….

Grandiose Giggle

Some book or some manual somewhere
Warns of delusions as grand
As the ones
I believe
I’m OK
With the knowledge 

There are sunrises refusing to hustle
And sunsets equally reticent
But for my permission and wink

Rivers refuse to empty to sea
And winds wait in luffed sails
Lest my right hand’s at the helm and my left holds the lantern at 2:44 in the morn’

Artist’s notes will not paint
Or give wings to the heart
‘Til I dream that our feet give them grace to dance with

The Firework’s grand finale 
Along with The Checkered Flag 
For my nod
I am grand