The Plan

I suppose that you are made of stealth pilot stuff
You see me as commanding from strong eagle wing
I’ll prove how your heart is stronger for its freefall
You affirm my pain-filled flight has not stolen hope


Everything. The shiny,
The hot, the wishing for warmth
And that pilot’s still circling

Not caring for landing field light 
Or the heat of home afterall 
But circling 

Higher and away
As if captaining a star flight
Upon which I can only draft 

Watching Them

Red-blooded bird
Black mask stealing
Her olive heart

Full speed ahead
Swift wings chasing
Strong wings

Her tangerine mouth
Mocks that lovely feathered cone
Atop that busy head

She forages below
What does she know
He thinks

On the edge of the end
In deep need of goodness
I fastened a cape
It had to be woven in truth
This time
Lest I fall from the sky

Electric and magic
Near-reckless sensibility 
Enduring and tender

Wary yet wanting of fire
I fastened the fibers of you
Wove them all through
Set you atop my shoulders
Then flew
And did I fall