The Actual Eternal

A damned good author

Who’ll debate with me well

Yet write lies

Conceived in etherless light reflective

Of darkness and wars neither worth it

Nor won

I’m this fantastic, fantasy-filled flower

Facing somewhere true

Journeying along the narrow path

That bends across the expanse of time

Evergreen, it’s said, and analog

Evidenced by The Actual Eternal

A Single Piece of Silver

With a curious morose
They look at you 
As if seeing a long-faded flower
They take pains to not stare
Lest you see pity in their eyes

With a melancholy kindness
They are polite
As if you are fragile
They gently do not linger
Lest their affection break your brittle bones 

God Said

I might’ve left you there
On the floor, propped up near the door
Gingerly wrapped in plain brown paper 
Instead, as I remember, I scooped you up gladly
Wanting to know why
Shouldn’t you be placed in the center of it all
In the gathering place
So that if they cared
Everyone could know