Go Fly

If I 
At the ocean
Awakened at last 
From the stagnant, salty air
Did then
Cut loose and blessed
A once-tethered
Prismatic princess
Would the gods of wind and sea
Worship me

With These Wings

Were I a wise fly on the wall

Watching the nonsense unfold

I’d fly away

But not before the whir in my wings


She’s given you everything

Do you need my eyes 

To see unbegrudgingly

The mosaic beauty of her

On the edge of the end
In deep need of goodness
I fastened a cape
It had to be woven in truth
This time
Lest I fall from the sky

Electric and magic
Near-reckless sensibility 
Enduring and tender

Wary yet wanting of fire
I fastened the fibers of you
Wove them all through
Set you atop my shoulders
Then flew
And did I fall