I am amazing
In hunter green sheath
I’d planned last summer
For New Year’s Eve

Silk against skin
Cut to the thigh
Your demure firework
Heels on high

Champagne celebration
It was to have been
We’d teach eachother
We’d dance again

Inky ring-fingers
Hilltop house near a glen
Belonging to each other
Forever by then

Just Sunshine

I am told of a song worth singing

That the curveball I ought throw life, in perfect pitch, sounds something like this:

“I’m gonna love you like no one has hurt me
I’ve known just sunshine
Wild imagination, deeply invested
Forever, we’re fine”

This, the lore, these sage storytellers I keep company with implore I believe that

A song I must sing, I am told

Original Thought Credit: “Come Rain or Come Shine;” Music and lyrics by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer, respectively.


Oh, there is the great likelihood fun would become us!

We’d get along famously and fall into friendship, the depths of which….

Do you fear we’d find fault, and in a flash, some short fuse blows?

I don’t….

I figure we’d flirt with life, day in, day out, as Fourth of July fireworks.

A Grand Finale ad infinitum….

The fact of us, fostering the good fortune of our hearts feeling again.

It’s been forever….

Northern Light

There were three questions
I’d no right to ask
I see you wish I had not

I’ve a curious mind
The love-life-deep kind
And you instigated my thought

I hope weaved with “Please”
They stream through my head, back and forth

The Which, What and Will
Remain with me still
For answers I’ll always search North 

Back To The Future: A Poem

Born of a curveball and dazzling smile
Perfecting Them everyday since
There was no way of knowing you hoped to be captured
And held and then softly convinced

But I did the dance you demanded of her
And I own the field quite fine, thanks
This smile you made and that smile I own
Equal forever in rank