Winter Proof

Ended as it began

These dark days of November through January
Dancing in digital
Parallel and alone

Yet in analog, earnestly asking
Feigning a truth on behalf of some good cause

Forgiveness follows now, as it must
Lest Winter become as liquid courage
That most dangerous thing


And apologize for what

The blessings unnoticed
The love debt, outstanding
The flesh gift, unopened
The mind’s galaxy, unexamined

And the words must be uttered

I’m sorry
Forgiveness, now granted
The eyes see the fire
The resolve, reignited


This morning in wondering
Wandering thoughts
If I, in your stead
Tough and stuff
Stepped into your shoes
Learned and all
Walked up to me
Enlightened as you are
And took it all back
Reversed course
Been soft
Apologized properly
Loved Actually
What then?
So I did this
For you
For me
For I have become what I was
But better, baby

Haiku Dump: Saturday, March 11, 2017


Should I be writing
The times I’m angry and lost
Readers deserve joy

Do speak albeit
From a position of pain
Compelled to not quit

I thought I’d progressed
But I’m back at the start point
Mired in pain again

FORGIVE its proper
Silence your pity party
You’re in pain so what

Ev’ry day I pray
Please God help me to forgive
Why’s He saying Shhhhhh

This daily cower
To the bully at the door
Must happen no more

Though I fear you I won’t cry
Business is business

Your barbs unending
Relativity is gone
Anyone dissent

Why do you sit on that perch
Gives me a headache

Negative thinkers
Will call themselves realists
Seems like a cop-out

Chased after your heart
Twenty years to no avail
That was so not fun

Wanting approval
Judgement indifference stings
Take back the vows please

To lose a great love
For hoarding your acceptance
Seems tragic to me

Compliments were due
On such niceties as this
Hearts may rise or fall

I so disagree
That I’ve deserved such disdain
But you did your worst

The reason I cheer
Your years of bad behavior
Affect me no more

I do forgive you
How sad your uncontrite heart
Forfeited you mine

I step forward here
Despite that you’re not sorry
And that you blame me

Joylessness goodbye
You had your 15 minutes
So linger no more

Children Honor

Footprints at the parks and Pier
Marching boldly against landmarks
Crayons on the picture window
Funny faces wearing too-big shoes
Trying theater to please me
You’re my sleuthing secret agents

Your spirit dwarfs the world
I make skyscraper mistakes
Yet you
Build me up with Auntie
Magnify me with Mama