Lipgloss & Love

Hey, how’s it they do it?
These women, these friends
Surely they’ve some frayed ends?
Lipgloss and love
Their superpower for sure
And they awe me
The really Something they give
At all costs
As Ginger, in heels and backwards
Going forward in grace
All day and always

Sinew’s Counsel

Does your heart muscle remember
How it let go

Do you recollect
Those times you’ve freely relinquished
Or not wanting to release, did as much?

Account here your every sinew’s wisdom
Every neuron’s path

There is more of this road to trod
Hellish and unrelenting 
Only hope will walk it

And I see footprints 
But are they my own, making headway

Falling back 
I welcome your words

Teach my ears, my eyes, my fingers, my heart
How to let go

She Knows

As sure as she stands 
Having stopped running 
And with a shortness of breath
Her wallowing ends here

A lesser woman 
Would be smiling by now
At the thug long gone
In the rear view mirror 

He’ll not admit 
She is as good as gold 
Like the flecks in her true green eyes
He tastes her pureness still