City Of

A woken aura found me

Slow-danced me in silence when I thought to over-think

Baby, flanked in trouble, why?
Come here from over there

With your eyes wide open now
Rest in Me, He said

Instead Of Dying

Walk this heat-weary mile
Throat parched
Painful shoes
Nearly no breath left
Don’t blame the mistake
The map you made
When your eyes were younger

Tip your hat to the hurt
Toss your map to the sky
And take aim
Let those smithereens shade you
Praise the what-lies-ahead
Without thinking twice
Walk forth

Polis Jungle

I am tropical.

The temperate fall together as gathered mist in a hissed, pitter-patter voice.

Vanilla. Cayenne. Cacao. Ginger.

One sweet droplet falls to my skin from above.

I peer out through the rattan and find myself here.

Others plan. While some may, most won’t. 

Mistaken Wolf

 A desolate of some sort
Wilderness to me
And my coat never warm enough
So many trees
Too tall to show their green to me
Too numerous to let me gain a path or compass mark
The roots of them I cannot get from under my feet
The dead moss but slippery still sees my every step at risk
I am tall and I’d fall hard
Who would know it in the dim
The dim

The dim harasses my eyes
Hamstrings my mind
So I refuse to see
Still I know
The wolf watches
Ambery eyes and charcoal black back there and sure-footed
The dim and the fog bother him none, confuse him not
Funny I fear though he will not bite me
Poison I am to him
Still he knows
I think I am alone

Electric Still

I slid into the city from the valley and

Saw then felt the flash of who I am

Now and 

All those years ago

I am electric and

I make mountains offer dares

They hope I’ll accept 

But don’t believe I will

Unknowingly I do and 

I did

It rained warm on me there

I smelled ozone and

Stared at the tallest peak hoping

For one more dare

I left with my eyes down

Electric still

Then looking East