Do we know what we commit when we pray?
I’m uncertain

Questions, I know I need
After asking for comfort from the One who commands the stars and could right-well hand them to me
Am I earnest enough?
Am I faith-filled?

Is this ignorance or freedom?
What says my soul?


First, -wait, first- I told her,

Before we may take the obligatory walk,

During which you don a yoke, and then become free,

And I don a wintry coat with tundra boots, and am forced to reflect upon my sin,


I must self-destruct


In a different lifetime, a wild storybook
Or a dragon's imagination
We knew love

Our footsteps, in perfect unison
Sword of some sort in hand
Caused commotion

I slept easily, you breathed free
Foreheads upward aimed
This liberated others

This is to say nothing, to reveal no secrets
Of our electric touch
Dragons won't tell

Freedom Day

I feel the Fall air fading
Because June wants to be balmy today 
And I wish it to be

I sense my warm heart willing
Because tomorrow I’ll be mid-life
And I plan to beat statistics and lies

I feel and I sense
Because I’ve a sixth sense
And I hope to be your poetry


For far too long
I’ve been

My heart’s blind eyes
I am

The scared soul’s mine
I’ll be

A pain-filled chain 
I’m free

Insipid Storm

How the heat
Awakens us 
Unfairly ’round midnight

Be more 
Want more
Until we can take it no more
Covers off
Masks off

Enshroudments be gone
Our skin will breathe 
At 3am
We’ll rise by choice