What the taupe has taken
We spend day after day examining
Seeking some rose-gold undertones
Finding only frayed edges
Tarnished brass rings
Muted seasonless neutrals, at best

Calling all consultants
Fashionistas and friends
Feel in our stead
Cheerlead our heads
Bring in the gloss
Repurpose the lost

We Sleuth

Whether ink or lead
Or in aerosoled hue
I own thee, my friend
Placed my mark upon you

It’s your fault, inspirer
You’ve caused my daydream
Your borderless pages
From which you Love-scream

Never stop speaking
Such fanciful truth
I fight with you, write with you
Together we sleuth

(Original Thought Credit:
“Books make excellent companions.”
-James Howe)


What could I give the stars
The diligent ones
That peek through the thicket 
And sometimes seek me from within 
Lest all I’d see is the film of clouds 

Would they want my voice 
Lighting the way
Guiding the underground
Calling on the sleepless
To look, to sing
Then reach and walk


There’s neither pressure
Nor something to prove
What purpose the drum 
Why the brass, you ask

The warmth ‘neath your hand
Keeping most perfect time
The cool clarity 
Holds your crystalline mind

The team of the two
If they will become friends 
A life-force
That will deliver you