All I learned Today

Blood’s thicker than Truth

I unsettle You

If my thumb’s broken, it was not for Naught

Kids will find their Fun

Joy lives ‘longside Pain

Victims don’t live Here


Oh, there is the great likelihood fun would become us!

We’d get along famously and fall into friendship, the depths of which….

Do you fear we’d find fault, and in a flash, some short fuse blows?

I don’t….

I figure we’d flirt with life, day in, day out, as Fourth of July fireworks.

A Grand Finale ad infinitum….

The fact of us, fostering the good fortune of our hearts feeling again.

It’s been forever….

Even At Lunch

Is there any way
You would read to me
Every day

Sit me down any where
Speaking with passion understood
Every where 

Your words pausing any place
Literary style demands
Every time

You may choose any book
My ears adore
Every genre

Beneath The Pale

I play games with eyes
I can’t apologize or say why
In Peek-A-Boo, I play into
Your green or blue or grey eyes
I challenge you to I Spy
Defiant, Captain, May I?

On cue, out come your Hi games
Your Sideways Hello-Bye games
The send-the-soul-mile-high games
The make them laugh, then cry games
I play, no matter -You’re a star
I’m a lover of all you are 

And all these games aren’t really games
They’re ways to keep the time
‘Til you and I look eye to eye
Beneath the pale 
And from on high
Promise hello