Galactic Gale

Would you, dear Earth, leave me to be, as I dwell ‘neath your blanket of sky

To taste, unattached by these gravities here, of our galaxy’s fervent hope cry

Relentlessly tethered, I helplessly feel that I cannot know her secret tales

Unless you calm-quietly, wait as I seek, reach, and grasp the next galactic gale!


And apologize for what

The blessings unnoticed
The love debt, outstanding
The flesh gift, unopened
The mind’s galaxy, unexamined

And the words must be uttered

I’m sorry
Forgiveness, now granted
The eyes see the fire
The resolve, reignited


Before begins the countdown
A single opportunity abounds
Surely you see it

Before I seek a new galaxy
The last simulation
The door closing

Before bedtime today
Knock, You
I’ll deny the universe begging


I would give back the stars
The observer’s eyes
The galaxy’s bounty
My ev’ry step returned to me
And the Earth be flat 

Than continue seeking welcome
Convinced there be an open door
Its false promise
The brazen hearth
While black wolves surround

Dare Us

Hey Galaxy
Give up your best tragic smile

From out of the dark look us square in the eyes
Like it’s the first time
Like it’s the last time

Kick out your knee and with one hand in your hair, use the other to calm down your thigh

Tell us you’re leaving
Part your lips and dare us to come with