Looming Anniversary

I originally came to complain
To cry so silent here that just my Creator could make sense of this outpouring
This graffiti-papered grieving
To tell the sky what it already knows
My disdain for the wafting scent of muscle on the backyard grill next door
My need for mercy for the muscle and might ripped from my chest
To scream to the sky of this guy, who took
And took
And took what I gave readily — easily — from love
And kept, and refused to acknowledge was gifted to him
Yet looming, this anniversary, I can neither complain nor cry
After all
For all the love letters
Penned by lovers, that, too, paper and letter the sky
And God gave a garden and set my eyes
That I would see
Gardens of flowers for me

Boston Block

The walk upstairs to the house of old
A welcome sensation
For an instant I longed
To receive its four pillars -columns standing true, proud
As my own
The chipped whitewash there and warped, seeded glass panes
Endeared me more, if possible
Than the western orientation, southern gardens and Boston Block
My four-legged friend thought to stay
At last!
But inside, too-small appointments