Clover Inside

The let-go girl, I tell you
See her, be her
Lest they make certain you’ll wish you were her
Your time for helping about
For tending clover, for being home
Gone, then
Wilted, without having seen the sun
Cancelled, before commencement
So plant your smile inside you now
Let go, girl


Why we need the woman-girl
Sharing the storyline

She will save you from yourself
Lest you think too long and hard

Let her show you the world’s flora
Should your day be canvassed grey

Dare to let her lead you
In some season of your time

Teach her of the wonder-workings
To the world you navigate

Wonder then, aloud, fine sir
“Her grace, how might I hold?”


What am I made of that I do now see
Sweetness and zeal has not carried me
Into the arms of a steed-mounted world
Humbly before you, a mistaken girl

Cast your hand again into the deep fire
Include a prayer to ward off The Great Liar
So the next heart may see with clearest eyes 
You were just hoping to help the girl rise 

Amber Jade

She clutched with warm, weakened fingers 

At the cold, cold concrete 


On purpose to remind herself

She would never, never

Never, never win that dance

In the contest she didn’t know she’d entered