Remind me to love, Lord
One ear up to all the world

One myopic eye
Just one
To all that ails me

Give me You
A curiosity-cocked mind
To learn just what is their need

Light to shine, that all feel seen
Many comforts and time to share

The Curb

Come in I say 
Come in
You’re welcome in this place
Take my extended hand
Uneasy though your breath

Walk through my humbled door
Need you ask for more and more and more
I’ll find it in my strength 
Or pull from my box of blessings
And share 


 I was lost
When I looked up
I uttered something I don’t remember
I know I said that before
But I’d forgotten 
They were there
Reaching out
All along 
And they will be
Showing me 

Art Credit: “Snowy Day” by Tiger R., age 7