Sin and God

I see you tucked away, there in the corner of this epic adventure.
A stowaway undermining, under the guise of love and concern.

I come for inspection, to work, and for respite every couple of days and we lock eyes.
With your back to me, and a mirror before you, I watch you watch me plead hello.
There’s a reason you do not respond to my greetings until the awkwardness becomes too thick to ignore me anymore.

You’re stealing and hoarding and leveraging me and what’s mine.

The awesome view from on high.
The space I’ve created to just be.
The aura I emit.
My ample supply of lust and cinnamon breakfast cereal.
My apathy in attending properly to it all.

Until yesterday, when the doorman warned me, so gracefully, you must go.

More precisely that I must say to you.
When you’re here, you’re not yourself, thus this means it’s time.
The Welcome sign at my doorstep you’ve taken far too far, my friend….
It was never meant for you, you know, I see.
Sin and God told me.

Mist Unknown

Should we leave

Into the ministry unknown
Fine day or misty

Our thrill lies there

Sediment building here

As brain fog
As ankle chains, of sorts

Hearts at risk, lives at stake
Apathy and anarchy abound

Should we stay

More Stories

Brave, beautiful smile
Soon someone will see
The construct of courage behind you
The how you wish lifebreath would flee  

Green, generous eyes
Emptiness eats at your soul
All the belief good would find you
All you wished kindness the goal

Leave Me

I need you to leave me
I need to feel the dust
The distance
Willfully, mecifully placed 
Between your spinning heel
And my most witless heart
As I, with abandon
Am unable to abandon
To save me

Go Fly

If I 
At the ocean
Awakened at last 
From the stagnant, salty air
Did then
Cut loose and blessed
A once-tethered
Prismatic princess
Would the gods of wind and sea
Worship me