Goodness Forward

I see we
Coral reefs rebuilding
Faith and science merging
Fingers intertwining
Neighborly and such

Time to be
Touching at heart-level
With one cause, all rebels
Sisters, brothers ever
Keeping, caring much

One, two, three
Breaths, then best foot forward
Goodness in deed and word
See how heaven has heard
Angels among us

Benevolent Sky

Why the sky wanted me as its muse

I cannot say

I’d not wish to betray its lifelong, headstrong whimsy?

In its own whirlwind of Days, I was its only constant?

Pressure, and I the soft voice that reduced the storm of it all?

Mercy, it contained and it wanted to rain upon me?

Surely it cannot be a great love for me. Or…can it be?

On the possibilities, I pretend to opine

But I cannot say


Has it been said to me
Through some spirit
Holy or Otherwise
I do not recall

Just that it occurred to me
Or came to me
Just this moment
Through some spirit
Holy for Certain

Good in me
Christ in me

On the edge of the end
In deep need of goodness
I fastened a cape
It had to be woven in truth
This time
Lest I fall from the sky

Electric and magic
Near-reckless sensibility 
Enduring and tender

Wary yet wanting of fire
I fastened the fibers of you
Wove them all through
Set you atop my shoulders
Then flew
And did I fall