What if my blink lasts an extra beat more
Unintended, I cannot explain

What if while this, my inhale I implore
Is reality seeking to feign?

Gravity, come, take your match by the hand
Ether has waited for this

Fluttering eyes, staccato breath
So much words culminate in a kiss

Again With Gravity

Happiness takes its leave


As a tablecloth trick

By an amateur



Hope, desire and promises

As silver, crystal and china


Clashing again with gravity

The guy in the bow tie

His lovely assistant

The only half-expectant spectators

Shake their heads

Murmur something and linger

But they do move on

The curtain falls

Only I remain

Needing to know

What went wrong

Who’ll clean up this mess

Am I the only soul

Who stood in earnest?