A little paralyzed
Blinded still, at times
These days

Moments worth true gold
Become hours wayward spent
Making sense of eyes
Wond’ring of intentions

What culpability
What unseen brokenness
Finds my listless guitar
Nerves regenerated
Arising, free
For to tell me
Overthink no more

God’s guitar strings

I confess my foremost thought
Will Satan steal my ballad-blues
I let him steal my joy for you
He wants to have my therapy too

So should I wade through what the truth brings
To your hard heart through God’s guitar strings
Beyond my green-blue broken life
I will, I’ll breathe
And then I’ll write


Why 3am keeps callin’
Is for someone else to say
I do know it has me wantin’
To hear that guitar play 

Later on when sunset
Weighs heavy on my frame
I’ll wish to unlearn and unsee
3am’s cruel game