Snowing Now

How would one say this most tenderly
Having taken a chance, a first step
Towards a clean slate

Brushed clean the old optimist’s talk of hoping to give one’s whole heart
For one’s whole life

An offer of a lifetime
Open hands held
Shaking for oh, so, long
Waiting crazy patient

Retracted now, reality calls

How should I say this most tenderly, liar

Enjoy the ride South
As you watch me
Enjoy the ride

The Fates

Why did you act like water and feel like hands

And I, born thirsty with never a progenitor to touch me

Why did I, the reluctant saint, concede nonetheless to True North’s tug

And you, the only lesser god ever worth worshipping

Be the Giant

Will you mind, God
If I slam the door
On the life before
Will your ears think me discourteous
Given the paths you let me trod?

I’ve such grasping hands
Wrapped ’round the doorknob
Brass-cold but so familiar
I must let it patina, I know
And find my way to other lands