Again With Gravity

Happiness takes its leave


As a tablecloth trick

By an amateur



Hope, desire and promises

As silver, crystal and china


Clashing again with gravity

The guy in the bow tie

His lovely assistant

The only half-expectant spectators

Shake their heads

Murmur something and linger

But they do move on

The curtain falls

Only I remain

Needing to know

What went wrong

Who’ll clean up this mess

Am I the only soul

Who stood in earnest?


By force, I was an outsider

To survive, I willingly walked

From comfort

To a foreign land

With the hope of finding a home

I traveled by night, hiding 

For more than anything, I feared

You’d pluck me from my journey

Back to prison 

It was the distance that kept me

From hearing the party you held

I looked down at my knees

Denim and dirt covered 

The biggest holes I’d ever seen

Worn through

My struggle evident to me now

I was adrift in the desert

You’d no plan to look for me

I spent the rest of my days in the dust

The sun large in a larger sky 

Deliriously happy 

Desperately heartbroken 

I Want

The seams of you
May those burlap threads burst
Spilling the uncontainable, genuine joy

The gleam of you
May those eyes forever hold ease
Radiating the wonder within

The dreams of you
May those hopes find their home
Visting the soul steadfastly 

Linger Winter

And it’s then
That I’m forced
To ask myself
Of what consequence is it to me
That winter wishes to linger
While elsewhere bares its shoulders

As I consider whether to be pained
By pinstripes wider than these 
Or the loss of the starboard side’s oar
I recall 
The daffodils that dance each morning
The strong Challenger on the horizon
The Saturday swims with a mermaid

Elsewhere, bare your shoulders