It’s extraordinarily tough knowing this

That its smiling roots with the system became one

Yet none surgeon nor modern-day savior can sever

It’s the pain of the years that no needle shall touch

It’s the radioactive frosting on the most delicious cake 


I fall asleep
With windows open
And curtains blowing
You’re next to me
Soothing these sheets

I want the way 
Your special air 
Wafts ‘cross my skin 
And weaves itself 
Down through my lungs

My life with you 
Brings deeper laughs
Plus lines as proof 
I’m closer to 
The sky and Sun

I’m forced by you 
To train harder
Commit longer
Wear certain shoes 
And gaze further

I’ll let you in 
And lay you down 
And sing to you 
With clarity
Brought only from
Up here on high