Could there be more heav’nly sounds
More clear-cut answer to prayer
As these wondrous crickets’ songs
Bless the lonely air

Tear-stained girl, lovesick boy
“Keep the hope,” ’tis said
This night, they’ll keep you company
Their concert voids the dread


I wouldn’t wish to sit there

With you us-only types

It’d hurt too much, cut too deep

Magnify my too-obvious void

And I wouldn’t want you to see

What I let y’all do to me

Keep your eyes covered

Should I ever have the need to walk

As part of my strategy

To retire the jeers

To bring my story home


By force, I was an outsider

To survive, I willingly walked

From comfort

To a foreign land

With the hope of finding a home

I traveled by night, hiding 

For more than anything, I feared

You’d pluck me from my journey

Back to prison 

It was the distance that kept me

From hearing the party you held

I looked down at my knees

Denim and dirt covered 

The biggest holes I’d ever seen

Worn through

My struggle evident to me now

I was adrift in the desert

You’d no plan to look for me

I spent the rest of my days in the dust

The sun large in a larger sky 

Deliriously happy 

Desperately heartbroken 


All this there is
Things -oh so many things
There are
That now never will I
Conceive and utter 

Yet I could only hope
Only Hope
So I expected a chance 
I was stopped
As I journeyed