Orange Dream

I’m sad like a leftover quart of rainbow sherbet purchased on last October’s last sizzling-hot day

I burst out of the schoolhouse that Autumn afternoon, determined to hold fast to my gratitude for the sun and the heat that’s fleeting that time of year

My only goal, to fight back against the falling back that steals my morning sunlight, even when I’m mindful

The temperature dropped the very next day, as did my heart, as did my interest in the rainbow, interest in the heat, my interest in the sherbet.

It’s almost June now, is just how sad

Polis Jungle

I am tropical.

The temperate fall together as gathered mist in a hissed, pitter-patter voice.

Vanilla. Cayenne. Cacao. Ginger.

One sweet droplet falls to my skin from above.

I peer out through the rattan and find myself here.

Others plan. While some may, most won’t. 


Everything. The shiny,
The hot, the wishing for warmth
And that pilot’s still circling

Not caring for landing field light 
Or the heat of home afterall 
But circling 

Higher and away
As if captaining a star flight
Upon which I can only draft 



Feels like


The middle of July

Silent ‘cept the cicadas

Lazy mid-day breeze 

Took its own siesta now

I’m left

Lying and akimbo

Eyes near-closed

Askin’ for a prayer

With nothin’ but slow breathing

To cool me from this daze

Overheated Again

You’d be proud

You finally sat still

And let my overheated body crash onto

What I think was your chest

While some big-eyed, long-legged, bubble-blowing bug

Dug in

And giggled at the whole thing

Whose eyes were more sleepy – yours or mine?

A movie we couldn’t have missed

It was epic

And here I am overheated again

Or it could have been your shoulder before 

Epic, I said

This Is July

Commemorative colors
Spinning, lighting up night’s sky
Birthday candles, Birthday candles
Bringing tears to eyes

All-Stars, will you teach us
What teamwork is all about
While we wander in the mountains,
Reflecting lakes up in the clouds

We move just a touch slower
Its the heat -we don’t ask why
Time to take off shirts
After all, this is July