Under The Tree

I wish your teacher
Hadn’t taught you hardball
Or you’d have played a bit softer with me

And had I needed
Not to wipe the sweat from your brow
You’d be sleeping, I’d be living a life

Flee now, rejection!
Else I wish forever more
On this Earth, in my dreams, and in heav’n


I Stayed
Scrolling Up and Up and Up
This Time
And what Emerged, but a Proclamation!
The Heavens Themselves
Summoned and Summoners
Attendees and Attendants
Happy and One and All

Looked Far

Lest you take me, lies, like Jupiter’s gravity, I send you away, as a test by one being tested, that I might measure and dare the firmament, to learn with interplanetary certainty, whether you’re mere stardust, passing through…or the stormy and beautiful consequence of all my years of staring heavenward.

Heaven, Here

It's our backyard
We're allowed
We allow ourselves
Such rights
As to keep a few toys strewn about
Such pleasures
Of the dancing of sun and shadows
Upon the nearly too-long grass
That feels so silky
So blessedly silky
Against our ankles and feet
And the breeze….


What is the loveliest thing
I Am that

Who is the most humble One
I Am He

Where does the Earth need the Sky
I Am there 

The way we must live to fight well
I Am how

The reason that they will hear hope
I Am why

The now to remember your strength
I Am when