Haiku Dump: Saturday, March 11, 2017


Should I be writing
The times I’m angry and lost
Readers deserve joy

Do speak albeit
From a position of pain
Compelled to not quit

I thought I’d progressed
But I’m back at the start point
Mired in pain again

FORGIVE its proper
Silence your pity party
You’re in pain so what

Ev’ry day I pray
Please God help me to forgive
Why’s He saying Shhhhhh

This daily cower
To the bully at the door
Must happen no more

Though I fear you I won’t cry
Business is business

Your barbs unending
Relativity is gone
Anyone dissent

Why do you sit on that perch
Gives me a headache

Negative thinkers
Will call themselves realists
Seems like a cop-out

Chased after your heart
Twenty years to no avail
That was so not fun

Wanting approval
Judgement indifference stings
Take back the vows please

To lose a great love
For hoarding your acceptance
Seems tragic to me

Compliments were due
On such niceties as this
Hearts may rise or fall

I so disagree
That I’ve deserved such disdain
But you did your worst

The reason I cheer
Your years of bad behavior
Affect me no more

I do forgive you
How sad your uncontrite heart
Forfeited you mine

I step forward here
Despite that you’re not sorry
And that you blame me

Joylessness goodbye
You had your 15 minutes
So linger no more