Helping Her Go (6)

“You made it this far
Wonder, man…wandering now
Stop. Push her beyond”

Always these words
Never these feet
Victor’s conscience never bothered him, though
You came here to help her
You came here to fall
For Her
Did you not?
Let’s learn if between the two of you
There is enough grit to start
To fuel an industry

“It IS my business,” Cressida thought
And it bothered her so

Our Out

Out of that closet
Who knew would come

Walkin’ shoes
Dancin’ shoes
Finest shoes, Country shoes

Shoes proving years of effort
Whilst acquiring
Coverings intended to serve as coats

Business coats
Helping coats
Fancy coats, Tattered coats

Coats that don’t fit anymore
But should
And shall, once we put on our shoes

We’ll learn as we come
Out of that closet


As They fall
Or try to jump
Some refusing, debating gravity
Some letting go easily
I watch
I come close
I attend
To their this season’s stamina
To their next year’s rebirth
Early arrival
On time, or delayed
Let the Weather so decide

And My Door

I confess 
I do need the few things that I want
For they’d help me to walk less only 
My heart put to the test
The more longish glance
The brush of a hand
Some help small or grand
And of course, that last dance
Reserved though this is, for the rest 

Damn The Blue

O if only!

I should latch my finger through

The loop of the well-worn costume

That’s seen you through life’s ups and downs

And tear away the silly front of it

I’d see a new you

I’d help you through life’s unders and overs