Starting at 9: a haiku

The conversations 
I’ll never have with people
Who do not know me

Just for example:
“You seem to want to suffer
What of Nirvana”

And here’s my best one:
“Marry me then, will you not
P.S., must love kids”

There are so many
’twas surely my delusion
Unending it seems

And my newest gaffe:
I noticed I adored you.
Which must mean trouble

The Banjo

If I could call
My friend
I’d ask first
About his breath and the whether there
Was mint in the air
That he couldn’t help but still discern, despite all that was on his mind
And about the heights he’d seen so far this morning -by the way,
That magical-calm-of-a-song you’re playing in the upstairs background 
Must be for me
I’m glad you called

Not Too Far

There is a particular someone
A nobody I know exists
If just in my mind
A jokester and kind, whose pure walk I cannot resist

I bid in vain -live in a new heart
Inhabit another soul’s plans
It’s my own fault I know
For each place that I go, I seek out that voice and those two hands