All Gone

The gods seized my feathers
And gave me in exchange
gossamer wings
Because they knew that I must fly
You stole my shoes 
And mocked my innermost:
“dance, will you?”
Because you planned to watch me writhe

What Trust

Is there a reason not to do this?

Is there a reason not to tear out my mind, haul it to sea, throw it to the deep?

What right has it had to do the same to my heart?

Day after day, year after year.

May it be my mission.

I see no reason not to do this. 

Truth Explorers

The intuition
Has taken its leave
And the head simply couldn’t care less

The heart, glitter blue
Threats to take its leave too
If the head will not hear heart’s redress

“The truth, head,” says heart
“Is you don’t know the truth,”
“Though you pomp and behave like you do.”

The head bows its eyes
And to the heart’s surprise 
They join hands, intuition to pursue 

Italics Mine

I stand by my back-then words

The sight and the touch of a fiery hand

Brushed against the surface of my straight-from-only-God-knows-where intuition 

Reaching out, did you foresee -as you seem to be able- my fumblings and follies

I choke when I taste and gasp when I smell your handiwork against my handiwork

With incredulous eyes, stunned heart and still-shallow breath, again I say 

“Oh my God…oh my god….”