I’m Sorry, July

Purple ribbons
As arms I wrapped ’round lavender

I don’t know what they held hope for

Seems like they should’ve been longer
Streaming, like celebration in the July sun

As it stands, they dangle
Too short

Apologizing, that I tied Purple ribbons
’round a fragrant bundle
Bound beauty makes me see
What you couldn’t utter

I needed you too much
I wasted your year and one half

No One Told Her No 

I saw her there, waiting for ice cream
On a hot July afternoon
Two tiger lillies tucked behind her ear
Live and larger than life 
I expected honey bees might encircle her 
No one told her no
No you cannot wear flowers so large
Not behind that ear, at least
So orange
So alive

She’d not have heard anyway

She seemed otherwise timid and small
Waiting for butter pecan
An intended respite from the heat
No wonder that not long thereafter
The cumulus clouds
Which mimicked her blooms
Bursting forth their relief
Her relief
Our relief




Feels like


The middle of July

Silent ‘cept the cicadas

Lazy mid-day breeze 

Took its own siesta now

I’m left

Lying and akimbo

Eyes near-closed

Askin’ for a prayer

With nothin’ but slow breathing

To cool me from this daze

This Is July

Commemorative colors
Spinning, lighting up night’s sky
Birthday candles, Birthday candles
Bringing tears to eyes

All-Stars, will you teach us
What teamwork is all about
While we wander in the mountains,
Reflecting lakes up in the clouds

We move just a touch slower
Its the heat -we don’t ask why
Time to take off shirts
After all, this is July