I’ll never trust your eyes
Always flashing early, often
Happy speaking lies against a good, good heart

I trust the strangers
Never needing to have seen
Somehow know the truth of me

I trust the front-yard flowers, too
Sometimes August-blooming poppies
Just for me, in June instead

June Will Be Okay

Deciding this morning whether
To be afraid for our weather

For this Earth
For its Underlings

I noticed triumph
Its and Theirs

I saw green, cold tears

There was little left to do
Open wide the window

Cry out
Three cheers for a cold victory!

Come, June

These hallways and hearts
Will miss you
But this
You were born for
Neither let your ears cry
Nor hear goodbye
When you go, you leave
Your heartprint
Take us, also
The Voices we found while together

Snow Notwithstanding

You glamorous, glamorous gal
You rock the year’s runway
With days up to “there”
Baring your shoulders
Warm breeze in your hair
December’s wolf whistles 
Don’t phase in the least 
We beckon your beauty
Within wintry beast