Mother of A Son

I’m telling your Mother

That she should not feel less than full delight

The pouring out of her heart, the raising up of her prayers


Now comes you, feet firm, breaking rules and records ‘neath the firmament

With kindness and heart-strength -look at how you look at us

We, treasure to you and reasons to hope, so you come close to learn

Simple and virtuous, your needs

Unafraid to speak from love, write of love, to be and die for love

Lovely Mother, you’ve lived Right, you have not squandered Light

See here, your beacon, your boy


So there I was settin’ on the outside stair, put there as punishment, I guess

Though, unlike most youngsters, I didn’t know what I’d done wrong

Left out to live, exposing my skin and my heart to the harsh elements

An occasional smile from a passing turtle or bumble bee sustained me

Probably they spotted my deer-in-the-headlights desperation from afar

Speaking some kindness, they felt, wouldn’t hurt any

If only they knew, scarcity would have me hanging on their every glorious word

Writing of them, strangers, all these years and footsteps forward, later

Filling in the blanks left by the one who left me settin’, sad on the outside stair


You were spoiling me, delivering the morning news to my doorstep

Changing headlines to all that I needed to read, nothing less

You were educating me, either that or reprogramming my heart

Carrying its weight for free, lightening the burden of beating again

You were reminding me of me, the me I was and am and cannot never be

Speaking life into an atrophied smile, why’d you die?

Goodbye Convention

Disallowed to feel; love or lust or hope or trust, this is how I feel.

Discouraged to want; kindness, presence, endless laughter, this is what I want.

Disinclined to think; hope is dead, no heart, all head, that’s no way to think.

A Single Piece of Silver

With a curious morose
They look at you 
As if seeing a long-faded flower
They take pains to not stare
Lest you see pity in their eyes

With a melancholy kindness
They are polite
As if you are fragile
They gently do not linger
Lest their affection break your brittle bones 


Kindness is why the World
Rises or falls
Thrives or survives 
Why after the fairy tale ends
We walk
Together or apart
Kindness, it means the world 

Kindness is whether 
I serve you donuts
You serve me coffee
Whether when the sun dips low
We rest
Fine or fitfully 
Kindness no matter the weather


Freckle-faced girl in the rainbow coat
Porcelain heart

You other girls with the unkind curls
Why, why
Won’t you 
Make her a part

She is my friend and she shares her coat
What cost
You cause
Her eyes cast down 

She found her smile in another place
My friend
She’s gone
A foreign town