The Ask

I know what I want
Should I first ask to depose the light?

Let it chase me round and round
Me — play hard to get?

But at this point in human history
For what purpose?

With time unubiquitous
If not now, when?

With stars and firmament acting finite
To what end?


The cut has come on strong as I am strong
The red flows more fast than I am fast
The inhale cannot pace with the exhale
The color fades too far into the pale 
The heart don’t yet know what it ought know


 I’m sorry never seems precise

When the sunrise fades too quickly

Into the waiting arms of 6:38am clouds

I will not so utter the words

Or promise tomorrow will be better 

For I know the brilliant was glad for today

And that I was awake to see it at all

I Know My Name

You look and you learn
You seek and you see 
But this shirt I slept in
This shirt that I wept in
Is the shirt where I learned to see me

It’s the shirt that I’ll dance in
It’s the shirt that I’ll love in
And tho’ it’s still stained 
With milk and not meat
It will not be made a mockery