Double Monocle

You were as a fiery thing

I had to double-check

I said with laughter that only I was meant to hear
Yet you came nearer

Don’t question me then, when I ask
How is it you hear?
How is it I see?

Not Humored

A gorilla behind the wheel

Surely you see the humor

And he’s brilliant, after all

If you’re outside looking in….

…but inside….

Gripping at anything stationary

Having stopped laughing miles and miles ago

You rethink genius, throw a banana in the backseat

And resume your route to the zoo

Goodbye Convention

Disallowed to feel; love or lust or hope or trust, this is how I feel.

Discouraged to want; kindness, presence, endless laughter, this is what I want.

Disinclined to think; hope is dead, no heart, all head, that’s no way to think.

My Carolina Days

Joy was my best friend, ever
A passionate Southern accent
Kind, though
Clear blue eyes and a reliable car
It’s a compliment
The only one who came through
Who showed up
I hope her boyfriend made things right
There was nothing he was doing
More important than Joy

Joy told me the best joke
An immature, juvenile joke
The kind you still giggle about at 50
Maybe less a joke than advice
“Shave your butt and walk backwards”
It’s a compliment
That you made someone laugh
Especially at them-self
There’s not enough of us doing that
These days
I want to laugh with Joy again

Next June

I decree
I'll laugh
Wide-eyed and incredulous
That giggles shall cascade down my back
Then curl 'round my elbows

I imagine
I'm gleeful
Careless, as my high school girl self
That the boy I kissed goodbye
Then I'll see again


Would it help me to know
There’s their laughter there
Filling in spaces
Hanging in the air

Would it calm me to learn
Tears of joy spill from everywhere 
Hearts explode from the happy
As it is only fair