Golden Age

What do you call that Far East Asian ancient sailboat?

The one that’s always amber-orange and silhouetted, multiple masts

Sailing slowly but deliberately to anywhere but here

Help me because I can’t think

What, with all the noise in my head, contemplating your silence

Your confident cowardice

What do you call it

I want to hitch a ride to anywhere but here


No — what do you call it?

At The Bell

Fling that thing to the Moon
That thing that’s ailing you
Red flags, white flags, too

It’s not a day too soon
Let’s leave crazy to loons
Whose flightiness consumes

Consider this day new
Its call goes out to you
To sing the champion’s tune

Tomorrow Leave

I asked you then, come away

From pretending
From costume parties

To remove the mask
To wear your name proud

The name borne of your mother’s heart
The name I called you as a child

Remember who you truly are
Remember what you deeply love

Creatures, cars, cooking, calm
Comfort in my crazy arms

Leave behind the aged bones
Leave to find your first true home

I ask you now, come away

You In Mind

Once over her threshold
There was none of the fanciful 
Nothing intricate evident 
You thought

You’d expected to find woven, sugary things
Designed with you in mind
To draw your eye and the rest of you
Toward her

You’d hoped to see open, airy spaces
Undefined and to your liking
That you’d envision yourself there
For good

How shocking the sole, dusty cobweb 
Strewn and hiding across the ceiling
The boxes of dreams on bookshelves and….
The bed

Such horror the shut-tight windows 
Shushing provocative talk 
The exotic stashed away in drawers
The hollow 

Had you not left, but lingered 
With utmost courage, stayed to dig, to see
What permanence revealed, what life!
What joy

Instrumental Song

Lyrics be damned I guess
If for you the sacrifice is sleep 
O’er too-tight heartstrings
Played fast and loose
To appease just you

Words take your leave
Let’s let slumber
Form rhyme, fuse rhythm
Slow but certain
Without the sound of you

Leave Me

I need you to leave me
I need to feel the dust
The distance
Willfully, mecifully placed 
Between your spinning heel
And my most witless heart
As I, with abandon
Am unable to abandon
To save me