Misplaced since forever
I, being still the optimist
Will nevertheless forthwith only choose asterisks
Use lower case letters and mocking-fingers-in-the-air quotation marks

But know my lips, crowned and reaching upward
Outside smiling, inside snarling
Speaking in only opposites
Shall never say so in earnest

Data Points

Sitting nicely in her exam room
Obligatory questions asked of me
And didn’t I have to lie
Leave the crying out loud for the inside?

For, one’s home is her castle
One’s heart is the treasure
Her smile, sacred

Didn’t I have to lie
I, her patient patient


i count the Lies
discarded so effortlessly
They float like feathers
from Your lips
and are my bible

i count the Zeros
carved painstakingly
They scar like stains
on my skin
and are Your poiēma

I Lied 

The battle is twofold
And feels insurmountable 

Truth comes from the North 
And appears as the enemy

Illness attacks at Dawn
And the signal is giv’n

At these intersections, I must choose
And I conclude, I’ll live to fight

Befriend the enemy 
And let it slay hope at Dawn