So Solo

Their nonsensical shit you allowed on your shoulders

No amount of shouting wills it to flee
There is snow now falling atop it, too

What to do

Do this, Lisa, and do not delay

Kiss him goodbye in silence
Without remorse

For he won’t know you’ve slipped away, anyway

Go on girl, in gratitude
To solitude again

Love, Lisa

If the Earth did turn, that the Sun seemed to rise this morn’
Just as sure as I wrote these words
You are not alone now

If you awoke, however dehydrated and aching
Let these words quench your need
I love you, turn with me, rise with me, thirst and ache no more. I love you


It is as if

When laying on the grass

Face to the sky

Which we all do

We see high noon through one eye

And midnight through the other

Which we all don’t

Bright then Dark

Breakneck speed

It is enough

Steel City

I remember Chicago

Who told me the pitch of my forehead to the plane of my feet was quite perfect

I, out of all the millions

You told me, was steel more strong than the skyscrapers I surrounded myself with

I believed and became

For I trusted you, and still do -you’d seen it all, and overcame, too

Lisa Mae II

The Earth
Was never going to rip itself from under you
Nor was the Air ever planning
To flee from your lungs

You weren’t waiting for the Universe
And all it’s never going to tell you 
To telegraph you
Were you?

What, just what more
Do you need your perfect eyes
Asymmetric emeralds
To see