All Talk

She’s talking rhythmically
Of the good in goodbye
Gets me to thinking
Of the waiting and why

Everyone around him lives
While he waits to die
Sipping all-alone punch
In a house built on lies

Vapor Lock

50 unfamiliar women, I was
A dozen different lifetimes, I lived
Shapeshifting to please
I tried
Never did we lock eyes
Despite my howl from the depths
My grasping to create
Some connection
I, the only one
Grieving, mourning who we’d be

Why, Sir

Why old McCartney songs
Relic-era assertions, Sir?
Things take forever because we think we have forever to take

Why glamorize the road
Set it to melody, why?
It’s truly just too long, too winding and leads to lonely doors


In the green, green grass

Where we all wish to be

A smiling, warm shoulder

Honest and timeless

The snare of sin

And proper loneliness thereafter

Wait. That’s just me