I like your music

Drunken karaoke

Stumbling elders wearing not much else but Sunshine State smiles

Escapees of all ages, retired from thinking places

Evolved, now

Intuition and third-eye compass — be damned!

Disregard for reason wafting freely into my consciousness on your cigarette smoke-laden, early morning, top-of-your-lungs, southern-drawled out conversations

About nothing that matters

But I like your music

I like it

Black Granite

I could never get these counters clean
Stone cold, loud, black granite
Flecked with all my faults
I could never make them gleam bright
Enough, now
Everything that touched those surfaces
Shattered and still makes my hands bleed


So tune them out
Tune me out
Tune us out
As the flame
With spit on your fingertips
You've snuffed out
It should seem
Easy would be the way for you
The path full with light you've captured
(The two-edged grail of a sword, I'd bet)
Look about you
Look at the unanswered dust you love
Tune us out


How tragic the begging

Look at me the sparkle 

The boom and the bang that just happened

The braggadocio

The fizzle

The tomorrow go back to what you Were