Grown Up

I can only
Seek the magic
In you life
I know you’re there

Ten again
I’m taken back
To Santa Clause
And silly times 

You were there 
I can’t pretend
I didn’t see you
Caring at the tree

On A Limb

You taught me

They’re not imagined
As I’d hoped

Cannot help me now
None magic to be had

Trust, intuition
So much platitude
And for others only

More cheap than ever 
Counterfeit Currency

I learned

Magic Friend

Come from behind the black velveted moon and stars
Mr. Warlock
Mr. Wizard
For I know you’re magic
And I need your magic
To end the smoke that has left me unable to breathe
To shatter the mirrors I don’t dare look into
Which cloak might I wear while we sit and you whisper in alchemist drawl?

Electric Still

I slid into the city from the valley and

Saw then felt the flash of who I am

Now and 

All those years ago

I am electric and

I make mountains offer dares

They hope I’ll accept 

But don’t believe I will

Unknowingly I do and 

I did

It rained warm on me there

I smelled ozone and

Stared at the tallest peak hoping

For one more dare

I left with my eyes down

Electric still

Then looking East

Magic Moves Through Me

The Star in the sky and its sitar string song
Shimmers and sings to me all the day long

The morning sees bent notes encircle my mind
By mid-day the rhythm has stretched down my spine

Come midnight the music meets me face to face
Pulls me in closer, then wraps ’round my waist

Magician, I swear

Who will entertain
the Nay-Sayers,
the Don’t-Want-Magics?
Warmly I’ll greet them
at my door
but if they’ve no rabbit for my hat,
shine-free dust will look from afar through my threshold.
We’ll talk of the weather
and other non-things
then I’ll offer a wish and “Adieu….”