Victory Assured

So…this is our calling
The plan plotted long ago
And though you didn’t know
Victory assured

But each day, march nonetheless

There are seeds to sow
Amass the underdogs
Empower their voices
Send them on their way

Bid them go…we’ve no say-so

Picket Fences

The white-washed picket fence has blown open again, inviting the varying voices that be

An opportunity, this open door, this moment, and I stick my snowy-white foot in its way

Ajar it will stay, for I’m bolder today and my eyes see the truth ‘neath the paint chipped away

Rhythmic March

In your rhythmic March
I watch you walk
With then against 
The pull of the pre-dawn wind
And I wonder whether you feel

It is worth it

What consumes you 
Now is cold, this Day
If the glass and girders 
Keep you for a time 
Then afterwards, what else

Claim what will count

Would that comes always 
Always and ever
The consuming fire
And you brandish a flame
In your rhythmic March